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Haitian Blue Mountain

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 Belle Anse, APCAB Cooperative

  Direct Trade (paying Farmers up to 300% higher wages than what Fair Trade requires)

 Arabica Blue Mountain, Catimore, Typica


  Low Acid, Creamy, Almond, Extremely Smooth 

  1200 masl

Roast Level: Medium

Source: Cafe Kreyol

This is the type of “gateway” coffee that will lead you into into the Specialty Coffee realm! This coffee has no bitterness to it, and will remind you of the infamously expensive Jamaica Blue Mountain. 

This coffee is extremely approachable, meaning pretty much any palate will enjoy. It is great for folks who have issues with indigestion, as is the case with most island coffees. It is super low in acidity, has a silky smooth creamy body and notes of almonds. 

Grown under the rare shade of the Blue Pine Forest in Haiti, the surrounding community is very proud of their conservation and together they protect the land from further deforestation.