About Our Coffee

Hey there! I'm Jed, founder of Gnosis(no-sis) Coffee Roasters.

I first fell in love with specialty coffee at a barista school in Portland, Oregon. Sparks flew during that very first sip of a fruity Ethiopian coffee!

From 2010-2012, I started and managed The Well Coffee House in Milton, PA . After spending a year in Northern California and starting a landscaping business, I found my way back to coffee!

I began working for a roasting company, which was where I learned to roast and eventually became the head roaster.

I quickly fell in love with the craft of roasting coffee, so I founded Gnosis to focus on roasting small-batch specialty coffees with delicious natural flavors! 

At Gnosis, our focus is to accentuate the natural flavors in the coffee bean. To maintain this goal, we keep our offerings simple to maintain high quality + freshness.  Along with our signature coffees, we offer a rotation of premium single origins. 

Our rotations may include:

  • Tried and true classics like Ethiopia Yirgacheffe + sweet Colombians
  • New + unique origins that don't get as much love
  • Experimental processing methods that create some funky and exotic flavors that might leave you thinking, "WOW! Is this really coffee?!"