Gnosis (no-sis): ancient Greek word for "deep inner knowing."

We care...

deeply about coffee and the state of human consciousness. Our litmus test for healthy human consciousness is care for self, others, and the planet. We make business decisions based on these values.

We value...

Self. Being kind to oneself. Being led by intuition with integrity and authenticity. Often taking the alternative path that leads to meaning and fulfillment. 

Others. Being compassionate toward others, especially those who have different views and beliefs. Keeping an open mind, being an active listener + learner... seeing that we have much to gain through humility. Focusing on building unity + connection, rather than buying into the illusion of separateness. 

Planet. Caring for the planet and all life forms that live in it. We are intrinsically linked to nature, so our relationship with it directly impacts us.


My Story

I was first drawn to the word gnosis years ago when I was deeply rooted in the Christian tradition, spending countless hours studying the Bible.

Since those days, I have been on a wild spiritual adventure. Currently, I do not adhere to any particular tradition. I have adopted an open, non-dual spirituality and worldview where I resonate closely with the mystical traditions found in the major religions.

“Every religion is the product of the conceptual mind attempting to describe the mystery.”  -Ram Dass

To me, gnosis is waking up to the Oneness of life, recognizing that we are all connected and are all lovely beings. We originate from One Source, yet are individuals expressing in diversely beautiful ways on this planet. For me, this happens as I continue to go within. Looking within for contentment, realizing the search outside myself is futile and short-lasting at best. 

I have always been drawn to the deeper things in life. Asking questions and seeking truth & authenticity have taken me on a wild ride. One of my favorite pastimes is discussing ideas with other curious seekers. I do my best to intentionally expose myself to diverse philosophies and ways of living, which means including people in my life who think differently. I think we can all agree that our society needs to be better at encouraging differences + embracing disagreement!

I hope that you will become an active part of the Gnosis community by drinking our delicious coffee + helping to raise the collective consciousness by looking within to find wholeness + healing. Then offering your beautiful self to serve our hurting world. 

Join us in this movement. Not by pushing your ideologies on others, but by discovering the beauty that lies within, then overflowing with authenticity + compassion that spreads like wildfire. I believe this is the best method to create positive lasting change and to help make our world a better place. 

-Jed Epler, Founder