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Colombia Anaerobic Sugarcane DECAF

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Villa Maria, Caldas.  Finca La Aurora

 Organic, Shade Grown

Caturra, Colombia, Castillo

 72hr Anaerobic Fermentation and EA(Sugarcane) Decaf

 Bakers Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Mandarin Orange, Raisin, Red Apple, Winey & Syrupy

Medium Body & Acidity

 1800-2100 masl

Roast Level: Light

Source: Genuine Origin

This is one of the best decaf coffees I have ever tasted! I wanted a lighter roast decaf with some fruity notes, and this coffee has exactly that. It has a nice balance of chocolate, fruit, & acidity. You also get a pleasant hint of that malty flavor that a quality Anaerobic coffee contains. Very delicious!

About the Farm 

Producer Rubiel Orrego has lived all his life on the La Aurora Farm in the municipality of Villa Maria. Through consistency, discipline, and mentorship from Juan Felipe Aristizabal, Rubiel was able to transform his land into a profitable coffee farm. He credits the transition to producing more naturals as a turning point in La Aurora’s evolution.

La Aurora grows coffee at a dizzying 1,800 to 2,000masl. The high altitude encourages the development of dense and sweet coffee cherries. Around 25 hectares are planted with classic Colombian coffee varietals, including Castillo, Caturra, and Colombia.

Sugarcane(EA) Decaf Process 

This is my favorite natural processing method for decaf because it allows the coffee to maintain most of its delicious natural flavors! 

Sugarcane process gets its name because ethyl acetate (EA), a natural compound derived from sugarcane, is used to decaffeinate coffee. EA can be found in fruits and other foods.

Similar to the Swiss Water Process, the unroasted (green) beans are soaked in an EA solution for several hours. EA bonds to chlorogenic acids found in caffeine, then the separation of the caffeine from the coffee bean begins.