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Colombia Riviera Natural

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Santa Rosa de Cabal

    Grower: Julio Madrid, Finca La Riviera

Sudán Rumé

  Natural – 18 hour fermentation then sundried in coffee cherry on covered beds for 30 days

FRUIT BOMB! Strawberry, sangria, lemonade, maple syrup & florals

Fairly bright, intensely sweet and fruity

Full bodied with a syrupy texture

   1800 masl

Roast Level: Light

Importer: De La Finca Coffee

Sudan Rume is a coffee variety that’s believed to predate the cultivation of Bourbon and Typica. When naturally processed, Sudan Rume typically tastes like a blend of Ethiopian and Yemen coffee, which makes perfect sense considering its heirloom heritage. This lot is a prime example of that, having notes of ripe strawberry, lemonade, and a bouquet of florals that reminded us of an Ethiopian natural, as well as winey notes like sangria and cocoa powder reminiscent of the old world depth a Yemen usually brings to the table. As the cup cools, the flavors tame up a bit and the sangria fades to a refreshing raspberry lemonade flavor. It’s gently bright, complex and intensely sweet with a syrupy texture.

The reason Sudan Rume is less popular than these more popular strains is due to its low commercial production. But it brings something also as important to the table: it’s is much more resistant to disease. That makes Sudan Rume a prime candidate for hybrid varieties, the most famous of which is SL-28 which is most commonly associated with Kenyan coffee. These days, Sudan Rume is making a comeback as a single variety because as it turns out, it’s super tasty! But thanks to its low production, it’s still a pretty rare find as a single variety.