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Pink Bourbon Cold Ferment

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    Grower: Rodrigo Sanchez | Finca Monteblanco

Pink Bourbon

  Cold fermented & Washed – Fermented at 50 – 55 Fahrenheit for 76 hours then fully washed. Sun dried for 3 days, then placed under canopies for an additional 23 to 25 days of drying.

Apple pie, pear, meyer lemon, caramel & dark chocolate.  Rich with a velvety texture

   1730 masl

Roast Level: Light

Importer: List & Beisler

Pink Bourbon has quickly become one of my favorite coffees, so when I saw this Cold Ferment offering I had to jump on it! 

Cold fermentation is a unique experiment process that seems simple enough on paper – leave the cherries in a cool environment to slow down and prolong fermentation. When carefully controlled and monitored, this should give the coffee more complexity while maintaining a clean cup, eliminating some of the “fermenty” flavors sometimes associated with long fermentation.

So farmer Rodrigo Sanchez and his team set to work. But it took a surprising amount of trail and error to nail down the variables. The temperature couldn’t drop too low or fermentation would stall and the Brix (sugar content) of the coffee cherries had to be monitored carefully to achieve the ideal balance. Thankfully for us, Rodrigo stuck with it and now we get to enjoy the fruits (or I suppose seeds) of his labor!

Rodrigo Sanchez spent 2 years perfecting his cold fermentation process and the result is a fresh take on Pink Bourbon. While this treasured variety usually makes for a super bright and lively cup, cold fermentation rounds off those edges and brings mature depth to the table.

This coffee is rich and velvety with structured acidity. We noted apple pie, pear, meyer lemon and caramel along with subtle florals and a rich dark chocolate undertone.