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Vergel Estate, Colombia

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 Vergel Estate

Woman-owned Farm, Shade Grown, Direct Trade (paying Farmers up to 300% higher wages than what Fair Trade requires)


   Anaerobic Natural

 Guava, Banana Milkshake, Cherry Wine. A complex set of bright fruit notes balanced with a rich and creamy body.

   1200-1600 masl

Roast Level: Light

Source: Cafe Kreyol

The Vergel Estate is owned by Marta Bayter, and all of their coffee is processed by her two sons, Shady and Elias.

Years ago, Marta was getting ready to abandon her crops, as coffee prices continued to drop in a competitive market. With the help of her two sons, the Vergel Estate began planting unique varieties such as Java, Pacamara, and Geisha.

Through unique processing methods, Marta began to fetch 5 – 10 times what they did previously for their coffee. As their business increased, they decided to work with 25 surrounding farms, assisting them in pivoting their methods, just as the Bayter family did successfully.

Shady and Elias do the processing for each of these surrounding farms as well. This has led to the producers having access to the global market, gaining awards from prestigious organizations, and receiving payment of 5 to 10 times as much for their coffee.